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Lithium-Ion Battery Systems

Our industrial lithium batteries are made in Germany and are available as complete lithium-ion battery systems in all standard voltages. Each battery system has an integrated monitoring system with a display unit to monitor performance and charge levels. Our Triathlon lithium-ion battery systems are also provided with an opportunity charger to ensure peak efficiency. Unlike other industrial lithium battery options, opportunity charging will not damage the battery and is encouraged to ensure continual usage.

Triathlon lithium-ion battery system

Triathlon lithium-ion batteries are built in Germany and made up of lithium-ion cells that are assembled into modules. This allows us to provide the required voltages and Ah capacities. All cells are then UN 38.3 tested which ensures they are safe for transport. Our lithium-ion battery systems are characteristically robust and designed for use in high-use environments. Opportunity charging is encouraged and will not damage the battery system in any way, so high-use environments will not suffer downtime as a result of lengthy charging periods of battery change outs.

How to select your industrial lithium batteries

The first step to building your lithium-ion battery system is to get in touch with our team. We can help ensure you have the right voltage and Ah capacity for your needs. Please contact us to discuss your Lithium-Ion battery requirements.  We will be happy work with you to identify the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your business.

You can call us on 0800 015 6979, email us on info@thebatterygroup.co.uk or submit an enquiry.