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48v 10PZS1400 Flooded Lead Acid Battery

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48v 10PZS1400 Flooded Lead Acid Battery

This 48v 10PZS1400 traction battery is suitable for use with a variety of applications including:

• Forklift Trucks
• Pallet Trucks
• Access Platforms
• Electric Vehicles
• Cleaning Machines
• Tow tractors

This industrial battery comprises 24 x 2 volt 10PZS1400 DIN Standard cells built into a tank.  It comes complete with packings, drain tube, connectors and bolts, including a red and blue bolt to clearly identify positive and negative positions.

Battery Dimensions

Battery Layout Length Width Height
4 x 6 Cell Layout (Configuration A) 1171mm 832mm 784mm

Battery Layout

This is determined by your configuration choice.

Battery Specifications

All our tanks are manufactured from high quality steel which is then Polyethylene (thermoplastic) coated.  This eliminates the risk of the battery shorting out, gives the tank excellent impact resistance and ensures exceptional durability.

Our battery packings are made from polypropylene making them strong, lightweight and chemical proof.

Our intercell battery connectors are manufactured from copper cable which has been fully encased in acid resistant rubber providing maximum protection against corrosion and making the connector more durable, secure and easy to manoeuvre.

10PZS1400 Cell Specifications

Ampere(C5):  1400Ah
Weight:  71.9kg (Weight tolerance:  ± 5%)
Length:  191mm
Width:  198mm
Height to top of cell: 683.5mm
Height to top of post: 713.5mm

Torque: 23Nm

10 high energy density tubular positive plates

These 10PZS1400 traction battery cells are manufactured to the DIN Standard using the latest technology including tubular design positive plates and the latest separator to maximise the active lead material and deliver increased acid circulation and volumes.  These wet lead acid cells are vented and contain liquid electrolyte.  The non-woven tubular sleeving ensures performance is maximised and productivity is increased.  Each cell has fully insulated terminals and a rigid polypropylene base prism which prevents bottom edge shorts.