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Flooded Lead Acid Battery Cell, DIN Standard - 10PZS1550

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10 volt Flooded Lead Acid Battery Cell, DIN Standard - 10PZS1550

This DIN Standard, 10PZS1550 Flooded Lead Acid Battery Cell has been manufactured using industry leading machinery and high quality materials. As a result, this 10 volt, motive power cell provides exceptional reliability and functionality. These DIN standard, flooded, lead acid battery cells will supply power to the following applications: 

- Forklift trucks
- Electric vehicles
- Cleaning machines
- Lifting platforms
- Road vehicles
- Tow tractors 
- Other electric vehicles with high energy/ deep cycle requirements

Key Features

- Modern tubular design which maximises the active materials within the cell.
- The terminals are fully insulated. 
- Increased acid volume & acid circulation.
- Vented batteries with liquid electrolyte
- Non-woven sleeving to increase productivity & boost performance.

Cell Specifications

AH - 1550

Weight - 78.3kg

Length - 191mm

Width – 198mm

Height – 463.5mm To top of cell, 493.5mm To top of posts