cells for forklift battery

Battery Cells

At Triathlon® Battery Solutions we offer a wide range of flooded lead-acid traction battery cells (also known as a wet cell battery). These traction battery cells can be used in a variety of motive power applications including pallet trucks, forklift trucks, large industrial cleaning machines and access platforms as well as other electric powered vehicles.

How Do Battery Cells Work?

Individual battery cells, which generate the energy within a forklift battery, can be arranged differently in various forklift batteries. The cell, therefore, is a basic unit that helps to form the full forklift battery. An individual battery cell produces 2 volts. A typical truck operates between 24v to 80v. Which means that it will contain 12 to 40 individual wet cell batteries in the container.

The cells are formed of positive tubular plates and negative grid plates, this is in order to enable a longer battery life and higher voltage capacity than battery cells with flat plates, filled with sulfuric acid (the liquid electrolyte).  It enables maximum performance for the battery cell over the course of its life.

Each battery cell uses a bolted connection to form a full traction battery. In the past, links between cells were welded together, but today, bolted connections are used as they are much safer and resistant to corrosion in comparison. The cells also have individual ventcaps in order to allow for easy watering of the electrolytes - this is why they are also known as a wet cell battery.

Battery Monitoring

Monitoring of industrial batteries to maintain water levels, amp hours, temperature and imbalances in electrolytes is important to forklift battery life. Battery charging is the main activity which seriously affects these factors on a daily basis. Proper charge and discharge of your traction battery needs to be practised in order to maintain full capacity, as improperly discharged battery cells need more frequent replacements and can cause underperformance. So long as your battery cells are well taken care of, repairs and fully replacing cells should be an infrequent occurrence.

The Benefits of Wet Cell Batteries

When running a warehouse, it is important to ensure that the day to day activities of your workers is as fluid as possible to ensure high productivity. The efficient running of machinery is vital to this. Meaning that reliable and well-performing battery cells are vital. There are a number of great benefits when it comes to flooded traction battery cells for all of your forklift battery needs:  

  • High energy density.

  • Fully insulated terminals.

  • Low maintenance requirements.

  • Durable industrial battery.

  • Long service life for each battery cell guaranteed.

  • Recyclable to ensure sustainability.

So if you're looking for a new cell battery, we offer both a DIN standard cell battery (PZS battery) and a British standard cell battery (PZB battery) for whatever your needs. The great thing is most of our traction battery cells are available for next day delivery or even same day collection so get in touch now!